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DIY Fridays: Download and DIY Your Very Own J.W. Anderson Outfit: a Top and Skirt

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How absolutely awesome is this…so glad I stumbled upon this article from Glamour…can’t wait for the 25th to download my free pattern and get to work… I will be making some adjustments to the skirt portion (my behind with that side detail would so not work) 

I love J.W Anderson’s work and am so glad he decided to participate in the SHOWstudio DIY project as their tenth Design Download.

Originally read this article @ GlamourMag

Let me know if you will downloading and trying out this DIY as well…happy sewing lovelies

Having little sisters (big little sisters) is amazing

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So glad to be following and her sewalong.


Giving me great ideas for my next DIY project.. The How to Sew Tulle. tutorial will come in handy for the skirt my sister has been asking me to make her…

Ms Carrie Bradshaw rockin it....

another option...

Gorgeous..lovin the heels toowent shopping and saw this...$162- DIY it is.....