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Smiling in the now


Already half way through January and still can’t wrap my head around 2015…

So many adventures in 2014 I got side-tracked from the blog, life as I knew it before and so I decided to live in the moment. Summer was amazing, brunches galore, trips, unexpected adventures. I can honestly say 2014 was a fantastically weird treat to acknowledging you can not truly control anything…you make choices and live in the now. I missed my heart and had to live with understanding how distance makes the heart grow fonder as well as how living in ones own world can also create a bigger distance than we don’t see coming until it’s too late. #sigh… I met some amazing women and got to know myself better being in their company…2014 would not have been 2014 without my ladies #ladieswhobrunch #champagnequeens #mimosasondeck #rooftoppools #packabag #isitabottomlessbrunchornah???

I’m in the best possible space I could be in and I didn’t even realise it until I fell into it. When I stopped obsessing about business, blogging, finding my purpose etc etc the list goes on and on…I just started living and praying. Things started shifting and happening, and it made me realise when I over think, worry, question…It doesn’t make me any better, I just fall into a pit of nothingness. The end of 2014 brought about big decisions, I went back and forth and changed my mind repeatedly (sorry to those close enough to constantly hear my mumbles of ‘I don’t know what to do’ ‘what do you think’ ‘ok, no now i’ve really made up my mind’ ‘yeah, I’m done’ (lol) forgive me….)

And now 2015 is here and things are changing so quickly…there’s no looking back. I’m gearing myself up for the challenges ahead of me and focusing on getting the things on my long-term goal list fulfilled. The little things I used to think I needed to make me happy don’t amount to the feeling of understanding myself enough to know I want so much more than to just wake up and be. This year I am going to check off a good amount from my goals list, purely by being committed and choosing to trust God.

Hooray to 2015

Stay blessed loves

Being a tourist in my old home...NYC

Being a tourist in my old home…NYC

Pinktini, fabulousness in the Hill

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Spring is bringing forth invites to fabulous events, rooftop hangouts and boutique parties. One such invite was to a boutique in Capitol Hill, Pinktini. Beyond the fabulous finds in the store, gorgeous dresses, stunning accessories and beautiful decor; the boutique owner, Danna is as awesome as her boutique. Her bubbly personality and knack for sourcing and stocking such fabulous pieces had me gaga about Pinktini. 

Below are a few pics…enjoy and definitely make your way to this fab store…

Head over for the Posh and Pink Series every Thursday from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m starting April 17th, 2014 . Go mingle and enjoy discounts, giveaways and PINK champagne!

Pinktini 11

Beautiful spring dresses

Beautiful spring dresses

I love stand out bags

I love stand out bags

gorgeous accessories

gorgeous accessories

gorgeous accessories

gorgeous accessories

My absolute fav dress in the store

My absolute fav dress in the store

My absolute fav dress in the store- I had to put it on- LOVE

My absolute fav dress in the store- I had to put it on- LOVE

What better than bubbles and shopping

What better than bubbles and shopping

For more great pics 

Visit Pinktini @ 705 N Carolina Ave SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20003

Be true to who you are…



When I was looking to figure out the best me, I constantly came across the term ‘Be yourself’ one of the most commonly used phrases in the history of advice. I had to take the time to ask myself everyday who I was, who I thought I was, and what my family and friends saw I portrayed. How was I going to figure out what my journey was…I took these steps to open my eyes to who I was:

▪I read a lot of books-motivational/inspirational, spiritual and books filled with humor, drama and romance to balance it all out.

▪Meditation/quiet time- we all need moments to recharge and reflect. 5-10 deep breathes in the morning, reflecting and praying, and repeating motivational mantras

▪I went dancing-a lot-I love to dance, makes me feel free and happy

▪I studied fashion design, I always had a’passion for fashion’ #cringe #lol and I knew I wanted to know more about the history and how I could make my own clothing. Hobbies are important, they keep you balanced and better able to deal with life

▪I avoided fixating on the past, which in turn was going to hinder my growth. I took the time to grow, improve, assess my actions and become wiser about my choices. Forgiving oneself of past errors is ab essential element in this journey

▪Stop being a people-pleaser/worrying about what others think of me…whether I worry or not ppl will still have their opinion…my goal was/is to go along with my life plans and be the best me I could be.

▪Being honest, with myself and with family/friends. I had to learn to be more open and willing to share my truths and accepting my flaws and faults and giving other people the chance to accept them too. We are not perfect and I know the people in my life now and in the future see me for me-insecurities/flaws and great sides of me…because I chose to be honest and open.

▪I am now a firm believer in ‘treat your self as you treat others’ I ‘love to love’ my family and friends but in my past I didnt always love me…which I gradually learnt was the 1st step to reciprocating real love. Finding self-respect, giving myself me time and loving myself like I loved my family and friends were stepping stones I took to be a better me. I had to learn to boost my own self-esteem and keep myself motivated-when I didnt get validation from others the way I would give validation in the hopes I would get it returned in the same way, I decided to say a few self-affirming mantras that rang true to what I wanted to hear from other people.

▪Looking into myself and thinking about me as an individual and figuring out my personal style took a while, I constantly thought of what was ‘hip, now, socially acceptable and what people wanted to see’. I had to step back and decide my comforts. Wanting to be part of the cool crowd was a goal for me, till I realised I didnt really like all the things about ‘the cool crowd’. I don’t want to be ‘reality star’ famous or be constantly in designer labels- I do want to be happy and not have to worry about where the next $2k will come from for a handbag. I learnt to each their own- there are some people who this is a goal and lifestyle, just not me.

▪I learnt to stop comparing myself to others…everyone is on their own journey and at different stages in their own paths. I really looked into myself and decided what my version of happiness was. It mostly likely was nothing like anyone elses. I have my own strengths,weaknesses and skills. I learnt to value myself, love my personality and embraced my flaws. Its easy to think when others portray a happy front- they are happy-everyone has their own flaws/faults, situations and personalities.

▪I had to accept that some people might like me and some may not. I learnt that I can’t make anyone do anything they didn’t feel like- i.e liking me…I don’t take too many things to heart and constantly shrug and say “C’est la vie” because this is life and its up to me to make it the life I want.

▪The hardest one was learning to relax-I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of this one- it is a work in progress…I am always working to keep feeling busy and geared for how I want my life to be-I’m learning that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will I be complete in my goals-they will always evolve and I will always want more. I do however take mini-vacays to ensure I don’t start taking life too seriously…I am learning to laugh at myself and my silly mistakes and not take life too seriously.

I smile every morning because I know its a new day and I have another chance to keep pushing for my goals and dreams…