Be kind to one another, create systems that build and most importantly show love and compassion.

The past is the stepping stone to learn, grow and be better in the future.

Be the good change in people you meet.


How i enjoyed my 20’s

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How I loved my 20’s so many great years, some sad years, a few scandalous years (#hidesface) but most of all a lot of growing and achieving great things…


Just be you



Happy Birthday Audrey

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Absolutely love Hayden Williams illustrations



Breakfast at Tiffany’s one of my all time fave movies




 Audrey Hepburn a film and fashion icon would have been 85 today (4th of May). Her quirky, chic style always inspires me when I choose to dress up. She is absolutely gorgeous 

My list to ‘being Audrey’: 

1. Find your style and own it

2. You can never own too many black dresses.

3. Own a sexy LBD

4. Dance, sing, laugh…be happy

5. Be passionate about what you choose to do in life

6. Have fabulous quotes:

 I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.

Pink and crop

Have a fabulous day loves xxx

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Yellow fever

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I love the weekend…it’s my time to work on projects, chill out and have fun with friends. In my search of a DIY/sewing challenge I remembered I have a conference to go to soon and have nothing to wear (well not really butttt in my defense- who doesn’t like a little something new…) So I started working on a Spring inspired look. I started of with breaking down whether I wanted to wear a dress, skirt, culottes etc then went on to pick from the many spring-colour options out there. I settled on yellow and went around looking for yellow skirts, yellow blouses, yellow dresses, yellow pants 🙂 ( I do have a little obsession with yellow- like gold it’s such an ‘alive’ colour, it’s warm and radiating, yellow definitely always cheers me up. 

In my spare time I will be working on a skirt- this could involve some DIY or maybe one will pop up in my many thrifting adventures-either way, I can’t wait till spring- bright colours, warm weather, lazy champagne brunches on sunday…Get here already spring 

Here’s my choice for outfits that will make heads turn. I do not own some of the photos in my picks, I did add a few recent pics of me in yellow too. 

Long, flowy and with denim-me likey

Long, flowy and with denim-me likey

Short, cute and with stripes- I love stripes

Short, cute and with stripes- I love stripes

Mimi G-in her infamous regal maxi skirt-Mimi is awesome

Mimi G-in her infamous regal maxi skirt-Mimi is awesome

Elegantly chic

Elegantly chic

This is the skirt I saw and fell in love with the idea of yellow-SOLD

This is the skirt I saw and fell in love with the idea of yellow-SOLD

I found this blazer thrifting (of course)

I found this blazer thrifting (of course)

Yellow these thrifting too

Yellow again…got these thrifting too


Wishing you all an awesome weekend

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Can’t let the snow keep me down…


This weather is seriously killing my vibe. I can’t wait for spring… Agh well, will make the most of my day, grab a few drinks and keep smiling. 

Hope wherever in the world you are you are all smiling.

I love dressing vintage like I always say…looking fab does not have to break the bank

Enjoy and let me know what you think about what I have put together.2 3 4 5 6 7 9 8 10 11

Jumpsuit: Rubynicolevintage
Jacket:Buy the bag NYC $0.60
Heels: Gift
Belt: Rubynicolevintage
bag: Rubynicolevintage

Spring/Summer gear



Work hard play hard

Work hard play hard


Working on the new collection…Just got in my patterns from I ordered them last week when they were on sale for Presidents day for $4.99 a pattern- what a bargain, normally these patterns sell for $17.99-$22 a pattern. Over the weekend I also went to Joann and stocked up on patterns and fabric- they had an even better deal for patterns ranging from $1.99-$3.99 with the 15% off coupon as well I wasn’t going to pass up that sale. Now its time to put in the work. I shall slink into the hole that is my sewing room and begin work.

A lot of work goes into pursuing dreams, but if you love it & believe in yourself, it won’t be hard work it’ll be fun work.

Have an awesome week  y’all 

How to Drink and Stay Skinny – Healthiest Cocktail Choices – ELLE


Very soon spring will be upon us and more brunch dates will suddenly be flooding our inboxes, happy hour drinks at garden bars and cocktail nights in cute dresses…

Now how to keep up with all the hard work you put in at the gym in winter? I came across this great article (below) from 

I personally have a strong wish to have sexy abs for bikini season, so eating healthy and drinking healthy are big on my list.

Happy reading & Cheers to Spring…

How to Drink and Stay Skinny – Healthiest Cocktail Choices – ELLE.

Pleats & Pearls

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How I love the weekend. I’m off to look at the space I found (to work in) and start putting together some ideas for paint, furniture-overall design of the space, super excited. 

Anyway, Cheers to the weekend loves.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Black polo: Target $9
Heels: Shoemint
Skirt: Rubynicolevintage
Pearls: Rubynicolevintage

Small beginnings


yrzDaDxY6v_4xrg_UJUlp-27190aBxs-l9Yt2WbvwmoSometimes we go through tough times when we are just starting out, but perseverance, passion and belief in your dream gets you to the big things.

I have finally found a great space to work full-time from, within my minimal budget and with 90% of my must haves..#doing a little dance right now. It has taken a while but the time is here now. 

Keep pushing for what you believe in, speak on it, see it, know it is yours and it will be!

crop tops and polka dots in winter...

crop tops and polka dots in winter…

Details of my celebration look on my next post

Playing dress up : Anti-Valentines day date

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As I always say…..You don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous. 

I went on an ‘Anti-Valentines’ date last week…(such a mushy holiday) my theory is if you claim to love me on that one designated day and the rest are forgotten well…what’s the point of it all….I did get chocolates, flowers, loads of wine and had a great dinner at a fabulous Ethiopian restaurant and loved it all…Sounds like a regular Friday night to me #shrugs.

I believe we all deserve to be spoilt everyday of the week- for me its the little things that count most~ date night once a week {even if its a picnic on your living room floor-just make time to connect with your partner} ~ a single rose- {just to show you thought of me} ~ a DIY card even…little things that don’t cost an arm and a leg but will be treasured memories.

Enjoy and let me know what you think about what I have put together.

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Blue shirt: Rubynicolevintage
Jacket: Christmas gift from a dear friend-Zara
Heels: Shoemint
Jeans: Rubynicolevintage
bag: Rubynicolevintage