Sunshine soul seeker

My soul lives for sunshine…it’s still windy, chilly enough to need a thick goose down duvet (so cozy and cuddly under these babies) and still ordering piping hot coffee. But today…today…..there’s sunshine, I’m sitting in the best possible position to absorb the rays and free my soul to play and run around in the garden…clearly … Continue reading Sunshine soul seeker

Mind blowing sex…

Understanding our bodies and expressing our sexuality frees the mind beyond words. In this moment of euphoria my mind ticks in a manner that I’m slowly getting used to, understanding my internal circus and embracing that for all the faculties in my world to function @ 100% I need to let go and be free. … Continue reading Mind blowing sex…

Liquid Gold

I closed my eyes and drifted into another world. A bright light shone on my third eye and lead me on THE most awesome journey. I opened my halo to the liquid gold being poured into my crown chakra. I felt the gold pour through my body and felt the radiance of the liquid flow … Continue reading Liquid Gold

Creating opportunity I have often sat back and waited for the β€˜blessings’ of my hard work to come back round. Having been brought up with the understanding that we will be magically rewarded for getting up and doing what we need to do. And eventually learning that it’s more than just getting up and fulfilling … Continue reading